Adventures of a Noob Social Media Ad Guy: Part Deux

Day 2 and 2 more clicks: Total spent to date $53  Total clicks: 6  So I had a conversation last night from my social media expert friend and I understand now where I can improve.  I needed to have alternate ads with various messages to see if by changing the message I would get better CTR (have to go back and read the first blog to get the definition of this TLA)  So let’s get to the Gory Details.

Gory Detail 3:  Have at least three variations on your ad as the systems will randomly place each of the three into the delivery.  This way you can tell if your message is better presented in one format over another.  Now in my case, how  many different ways can you say “Free Telephone Training”.

Conclusion:  After two days I have concluded that I am  either a) not reaching Avaya telephone users or b) I have reached them and they don’t want free training or c) both are true.  Also, of the six who did click nobody actually registered and used the training application which tells me I might have to change the registration page…hmmm more questions.  But for $53 I have now learned a bit more about my social media audience and a little more about my web site.   I’m ok with that.


Adventures of a Noob Social Media Ad Guy

So who doesn’t want to cash in on the social media craze?  We all do.  Trouble is we don’t know that much about how to make it work.  Worse still, there are more acronyms (CPM: clicks per thousand, CTR: click through rate) than most of us in business can even get our hands around.  So we rely on others to get the job done.  Trouble with that those that know how to get the ads out don’t really understand my business.  To them it’s about getting my ad in the hands of others who can get it into the hands of someone willing to click on it.  Where is a business owner to turn. Read more »

Who Is Really Going to Use This?

Under the general heading of “Really?  Who is going to use this technology?” I would like to say a few things about the “Enterprise”.  Whether small, mid-size or large the Enterprise, like it or not, will only use what they understand.  If your job isn’t trying to help them understand, or better yet, put the technology into business terms they do understand then you are just wasting a whole bunch of time for yourself, the vendors you support and the prospect.  Let’s face it there is a lot of technology out there and many others selling it to the Enterprise.  So let’s put what we sell into terms business understands: Let’s start with telephony Read more »

Who Are You Selling To?

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Choice is the New Black

So, you think the best choice you have is to buy technology from the same manufacturer?  What did that get you?  Proprietary vendor lock-in and little if any choice.

In women’s fashion, each year there is a new clothing color that becomes the standard as the always fashionable black.  Well, for technology, CHOICE is now the new black and vendors are racing to make certain they are not going to get left behind. Read more »

Is it me, or do you Smell something???

Ah, the refreshing aroma of rich meaningful content!  Welcome to “Wake Up and Smell the Content”.  A blog dedicated to the delivery of tasteful and satisfying technology content.  Sometimes it will be a latte; smooth and sweet to the taste.  Other times it will be a double shot of espresso; biting and hard to swallow. So whether you like your content bold or mild, enjoy the blog and pass it along.